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sarah powell
Certified Coach, Plant-Based Nutritionist and Sailor

I am a full-time live-aboard cruiser currently based in the Canary Islands.

I passionately believe in provisioning and preparing nourishing, nutrient-rich, mood-enhancing foods to support the active and emotional adventure of living at sea and crossing an ocean.

I know it is achievable because all of the recipes and knowledge that I have learned over the years, come from the experience gained in my very own Small Vegan Kitchen onboard my sailboat.

I feel there is a need for up-to-date, relevant and science-based information to help cruisers and sailors make informed choices when it comes to provisioning.

Through seminars and workshops I share how it is possible to prepare delicious nutrient-dense food in the smallest of kitchens, with minimal equipment from wherever you are sailing around the world.

When I join the dots, I see how working in the production side of the Food Industry, whether it be production scheduling, auditing, R&D, or sourcing, has given me a solid foundation in provisioning, and recipe planning. 

My experience as a Business Coach means I can successfully help people gain confidence in the galley. 

With regards to nutrition, I will be certified at the beginning of 2024 in Plant-Based Nutrition course from the University of Winchester and have an ITEC Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology certificate.

I am an experienced sailor, having accumulated many thousands of nautical miles, cruising grounds include have cruised the Western Mediterranean including Morocco, The British Isles, Atlantic France, Spain and Portugal, Eastern Atlantic Islands, Caribbean and New Zealand.  

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