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plant-based nutrition for sailors

Join our Webinars to learn how to provision and prepare nutrient-rich plant-based meals from your galley with minimal equipment to support your active water-based lifestyle.

Small Vegan Kitchen is dedicated to providing top-tier provisioning and nutrition webinars to the sailing community.

 As a certified coach and plant-based nutritionist, I work with sailors, cruisers and Superyacht chefs. Whether you’re crossing oceans or anchoring in remote locations, I'll help you provision for a healthy diet to keep you energized and optimize your sailing performance.


Feeding a Family at Sea

Feeding a Family at Sea

In this webinar, I offer tips and tricks for giving children the very best nutrition their growing bodies need, and how to keep them topped up with energy-filled nutrient-dense meals and snacks to support their active water-based lifestyle.  How to deal with fussy eaters when you are in remote areas with minimum supplies.

Delicious Plant-Based Meals in the Smallest of Kitchens

Plant-based onboard

In this webinar I talk about the health benefits of plant-based nutrition, the ease of provisioning for a plant-based diet when sailing, the simplicity of cooking wholefoods on a boat and offer recipes that will prove you don't need dairy meat or fish to eat delish meals.  We share with you why we believe it is the The optimal choice for nourishing our bodies, preserving our oceans, and caring for the planet.

Provisioning for Sailors

Preparing for Passage

 In this webinar,  I unveil practical, easy-to-follow tips to transform your galley preparations, ingredient organization, and meal prepping into an enjoyable and effective experience whilst crossing an ocean.  We share with you how to prepare your galley, ingredients and meals when passage-making.

Bread on Board Masterclass

Bread Onboard Masterclass

In this webinar, I share my experience in Goodman Fielder as Master production scheduler for 8 of the New Zealand Bread factories as well as all the tips I have learnt over the years of making bread and doughs on sailing boats.  I explain the different types of flour, and how to adapt and change recipes to suit the local ingredients.  I also offer recipes without yeast.

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Small Vegan Kitchen- Plant Based Nutrition for Sailors

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We are experts in provisioning and cooking nutrient-rich, plant-based meals from the smallest of kitchen with minimal equipment, to support an active water-based lifestyle

What We Cover In Our Webinars

Small Vegan Kitchen is dedicated to providing top-tier provisioning and nutrition webinars to the sailing community.

 As a certified coach and plant-based nutritionist, I work with sailors, cruisers and Superyacht chefs.

Whether you’re crossing oceans or anchoring in remote locations, I'll help you provision for a healthy diet to keep you energized and optimize your sailing performance.

"It has been great working with Sarah from Small Vegan Kitchen. She provided some excellent webinars for our Pacific Rally participants to share her tips on provisioning, and cooking healthy and nutritious meals for sailors.


Her content is creatively tailored especially for sailors who may be using limited equipment in a small galley.  


She is very friendly and helpful and happy to go out of her way to share her passion for cooking on board and ensuring our members have an enjoyable experience with food at sea.  I'd highly recommend using her services". 

Viki Moore, Governance, Communication & Yachting Event Management

I decided to create Small Vegan Kitchen because I believe that :

Plant-based nutrition is the optimal choice for nourishing our bodies, preserving our oceans, nurturing our minds, and caring for the planet


Presented by Sarah Powell,
Sailor, Certified Coach and Plant-Based Nutrition Specialist  

I am a full-time live-aboard cruiser currently based in the Canary Islands. I passionately believe in provisioning and preparing nourishing, nutrient-rich, mood-enhancing foods to support the active and emotional adventure of living at sea and crossing an ocean. I know it is achievable because all of the recipes and knowledge that I have learned over the years, come from the experience gained in my very own Small Vegan Kitchen onboard my sailboat. I feel there is a need for up-to-date, relevant and science-based information to help cruisers and sailors make informed choices when it comes to provisioning. ​ Through Webinars, workshops and 1:1 Coaching, I share how it is possible to prepare delicious nutrient-dense food in the smallest of kitchens, with minimal equipment from wherever you are sailing around the world. When I join the dots, I see how working in the production side of the Food Industry, whether it be production scheduling, auditing, R&D, or sourcing, has given me a solid foundation in provisioning, and recipe planning.  My experience as a Business Coach means I can successfully help people gain confidence in the galley.  With regards to nutrition, I will be certified at the beginning of 2024 in Plant-Based Nutrition course from the University of Winchester and have a Plant-Based Diploma from The Vegan Chef School, London UK as well as an ITEC Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology certificate. ​I am an experienced sailor, having accumulated many thousands of nautical miles, cruising grounds include have cruised the Western Mediterranean including Morocco, The British Isles, Atlantic France, Spain and Portugal, Eastern Atlantic Islands, Caribbean and New Zealand.

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Working With the Best

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Looking for something specific to you, your boat and your crew?  

1:1 Provisioning Coaching 

At Small Vegan Kitchen, we have a unique approach to coaching Cruisers in Plant-Based Provisioning and Meal Prep whilst at Sea. 

Our tailored Provisioning and Meal Prep Action Plan is specific to you, your galley, crew, food tastes and area in which you will be sailing.

After our 1:1 Provisioning Coaching Session you will be prepared and inspired to provision for passage and beyond with the knowledge and confidence to create nutrient-rich plant-based meals from the smallest of kitchens with minimal equipment whilst sailing in remote areas.

Find out more about our Coaching Sessions 

We love to help you get the best out of your galley. We already have some coaching clients booked in this month and are looking forward to helping them towards a more sustainable and plant-based galley. For those of you who are unfamiliar with our coaching sessions, I thought it would be good to share here with you some of our FAQs to give you a better idea of what it entails. How long will the coaching session last? Your session will last approximately 1 hour. How can I prepare for the session? Once you have booked and paid for your session you will receive a Small Vegan Kitchen coaching information pack in pdf format. What topics will be covered during the session? This is totally up to you. I am here to guide you and help you navigate your way to your goals, they could be sustainable practices, plant-based onboard, provisioning for passage, feeding your family or crew in remote areas, etc. Will I receive follow-up support after the session? Of course! Help is at hand. Around 30 days after your session I will contact you and ask you how you are getting on, celebrate your success and help you overcome any challenges that arose along the way. How much does it cost? Our Coaching session is 60 euros which is approx 64 USD and 97 AUD. How do I purchase a coaching session with you? Please send us an email and, we will give you all the information you need. Can I ask questions about specific sustainability practices or plant-based cooking techniques? Yes! Please do all your questions are very welcome. Feel free to reach out if you would like to have a coaching session with us or have any other questions We are here to support you every step of the way on your journey towards a more sustainable and health-conscious galley.

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