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Join us in Antibes to learn all you need to know to make plant-based menus onboard

Be the Change 


A Chefs Guide to Nourishing Crew  with Plant-Based Meals

We help you implement

Wellness Wednesdays

Just one day a week can make a massive difference and is the first step to plant-based meals with benefits for you as Chef, for your crew and for the planet.  Do the right thing and join Small Vegan Kitchen´s Wellness Wednesdays challenge.  We guide you all the way!

Tropical Fruit Dessert

Our Webinars

Plant-Based Onboard

Join us for our insightful and inspiring webinars that help you implement plant-based provisioning and meal prep for crew and guests with ease (and dare we say it enjoyment!) as well as contributing to a greener galley. 

Reserve your spot by joining our free waiting list and be the first to know about our next monthly webinar.

In this webinar we will cover


Presented by Sarah Powell,
Sailor, Certified Coach and Plant-Based Nutrition Specialist  

I coach, assist and guide chefs in integrating plant-based options into their crew meals. Even modest changes, such as introducing these options two or three times a week, can yield substantial benefits. These ethical food sources allow us to also reduce the reliance on single-use plastic packaging. The result is that we can positively contribute to environmental conservation and whilst doing so provide crew and guests with nutritionally balanced, responsibly sourced meals that complement their active water-based lifestyle. In my experience, I have found resistance to change is a major stumbling block for Chefs to adopt a plant-based menu onboard. I am also aware of the predominant food culture and traditions associated with the nationality of the crew and overcoming these habits can also be a challenge for the Chef. By taking the focus away from a “meat” diet versus a “plant-based” diet we can reframe it as a pathway to enrich the experience onboard, enhance the health and well-being of the crew, balance essential nutrients to help support the demands of an active water-based lifestyle and of course, reduce the carbon and water footprint of the vessel. I use coaching tools and techniques to help Chefs overcome these challenges. Calling upon my extensive knowledge of plant-based nutrition, I offer the support they need to do their very best. My experience as a Certified Coach offers me the insight and appreciation that all significant changes start with one small step — one action rolling into another with momentum and a force that creates a meaningful transformation.

"It has been great working with Sarah from Small Vegan Kitchen. She provided some excellent webinars for our Pacific Rally participants to share her tips on provisioning, and cooking healthy and nutritious meals for sailors.


Her content is creatively tailored especially for sailors who may be using limited equipment in a small galley.  


She is very friendly and helpful and happy to go out of her way to share her passion for cooking on board and ensuring our members have an enjoyable experience with food at sea.  I'd highly recommend using her services". 

Viki Moore, Governance, Communication & Yachting Event Management

Image by Bob Jansen

Want to grow your skills as a Chef and offer a Plant-Based Menu onboard?

Try our
3 Step Coaching Method

At Small Vegan Kitchen, our unique approach to coaching Chefs in Plant-Based Nutrition combines goal setting and success in a three-step process.  We help you go from dream to do and give you the science and skills to delight the tastebuds of even the biggest carnivorous crew.


We help you get clarity on how to incorporate Plant-Based menus and sustainable practices in your galley.


We guide you as you create an action plan and help you overcome obstacles along the way. 


We celebrate your successes and lelp you grow through the challenges.

Get your free
5 Steps to a Sustainable Galley Coaching tool


I decided to create Small Vegan Kitchen because I believe that :

Plant-based nutrition is the optimal choice for nourishing our bodies, preserving our oceans, nurturing our minds, and caring for the planet


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