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Jen Regondola Superyacht Chef

Updated: Mar 1

In our Show me your Galley article, we have a fantastic insight into what it is like to cook in one of the most luxurious galleys on the seas.  Jen Regondola has built her career in the superyacht industry both as chief steward and chef.  She talks to us from Palma de Mallorca where she is Chef on SY Lethantia, an award winning 44m Royal Huisman sailing yacht. 


Put the galley envy in the cockpit locker and check out what she has to say.


Jennifer Regondola, is based in Mallorca, in the largest of the Spanish Balearic Islands, and is currently cooking up a storm as sole chef on sailing yacht Lethantia.  She has been working in the yachting industry for 18 years. Jen graduated with a Bachelors degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the Lyceum of the Philippines University, the Country's first centre of excellence for hotel and restaurant management courses for aspiring culinarians. In 2006, when she was given an opportunity to work on a yacht in Thailand, she knew her life would change and has never looked back since.

With a proven track record when it comes to preparing and serving outstanding meals even for the most difficult of guests, Jen is a fantastic asset to any boat. She is able to seamlessly go from Chef to Chief Stewardess as and when required.   Her food is creative and delicious and has been influenced by her upbringing in the Philippines as well as from the cooking schools she has attended. She is a seasoned sailor and travelled the world working in the industry.


Describe your galley

My galley is almost the same size of a king size bed, but it is fully equipped kitchen. Having a full array of suitable equipment in a small galley like this is heaven for me! I have a Miele oven that can prove dough in no time on cold winter days! I also have an ice-cream maker which is very popular with guests and crew! Other equipment that that makes my life easy onboard are a basic KitchenAid mixer, which i use almost daily. My Nutri bullet, andVitamix makes smoothies a breeze and always an enjoyable treat for breakfast and brunches onboard.


What are you three favourite ingredients?

That is a tough one!  There are so many amazing ingredients that but I guess it is the 3 C´s for me!

Cilantro - Because I cannot imagine making Thai and Mexican food without it!

Cinnamon - The boat smells like Christmas every time I used it for baking or cooking.

Chillies -  If you can't handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen! 😁

What equipment can you not live without?

I believe that a a food processor is the "must-have" piece of equipement that every galley needs. It saves so much time and especially when it gets really busy in the galley, chopping vegetables, making any type of dough, etc. is easier and faster if you have it.


Where has been the most difficult place for you to provision?

 Being based here in Europe, provisioning is really easy. I can ge almost anything here. South East Asia is I think, a bit difficult. Indonesia in particular. But of course, with the help of yacht provisioning agencies, everything is providable.


a beautiful steak and ale pie
This is the crews most loved recipe: Steak & Ale Pie

What is your most loved recipe that you cook onboard?

Working on a yacht with crew that are mostly from the UK, I guess their most favorite recipe is my gigantic steak and ale pie with creamy mashed potato and of course, everyone's favorite "Thai Tuesday!" (I have had the honour to have been invited to one of Jen´s Thai Tuesdays back in 2018 and my mouth still waters thinking about it!!)

What do yo ulike best about your job?

I have been very blessed to be able to work with different amazing people and explore the world.

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You are an amazing chef Jen... i still dream of Thai Tuesdays xxx

Mar 13
Replying to

We are also on Team Jen here at Small Vegan Kitchen! She is an amazing chef and human! 😍

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