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La Graciosa, a volcanic paradise in the Atlantic Ocean

Updated: Apr 1

Anchored in Playa Francesa back in 2022 the first time we visited in our Halmatic 30 Vega

As we are currently in Lanzarote, I thought I would share with you our experience of arriving in the Canary Islands and making landfall in the smallest and least inhabited Island of the Spanish Archipelago, La Graciosa.

Anchoring in this paradise was relatively easy and there was a large expanse of good sandy holding to keep us well dug in. So well dug in we ended up spending one whole month in the is spectacular and ethereal island.

Known as the 8th Island of the Canaries, and only recently (2018) getting this official title, it is less than 30km2 and has a population of just less than 750.

The relatively thin stretch of water that separates it from its neighbouring island Lanzarote can have tide up to 5 nm per hour at full tide and shallow depths at low tide. It is to be navigated with care and precision.

The first thing that strikes you here is the ethereal landscape of La Graciosa Island.  Its volcanic aspects and turquoise waters with a protected bay made it a strategic stop for pirates throughout the ages.

The second noticeable thing is the lack of light pollution. At night the stars shine bright and make evenings in the cockpit a privileged and special occasion.

When on land there is a sand road that takes you into one of the two hamlets here on the island. Caleta de Sebo and the northern Pedro Barba.

Caleta de Sebo despite its small size has everything you need. There are bars, restaurants, a bakery, a hardware store, a supermarket and a few tourist and craft shops.

But what stands out the most is the energy that vibrates throughout this island, dare I say it it is magical. So much so I was inspired to make my own version of a plant-based chocolate spread that i generously spread on my homemade plant-based Irish soda bread.

I will be writing a bit more about our adventures here in future posts.

Homemade Vegan chocolate spread on homemade vegan spelt flour Irish soda bread with a volcano in the background!

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