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Stackable Pans with Removable Handles are the Genius “Must-Have” Item in My Galley and Should Be in Yours Too!

When you set up your home in a 30ft boat and cooking is your happy place, the way you look at provisioning, meal prep and kitchen appliances has to change.  If not the pleasure, hobby, passion or in my case obsession with cooking can become a frustrating and overwhelming experience!

Restrictions are everywhere, limitations are looming and the lack of space can be a total nightmare. The realisation of having to move several things to access just one single item when you have a hot pan in your hand, your boat is healing over and the crew is pretty hungry is not always my idea of fun.  These regular challenges of life at sea push you out of your comfort zone.  As a coach, I know that it is in these moments we develop new skills. 

So, when it comes to choosing equipment for my galley there are generally three considerations that I take into account

1.       Is it multifunctional? - Versatility is key when choosing what to put in my galley

2.       Does it need electricity and if so how much does it draw? - When we are in a marina electricity is not a problem, however as we try to spend as little time in them as possible our current set-up only allows for appliances that draw a max of 800 Watts max. 

3.       Is it within budget? – Work out what the item means and how practical it is, how much you think you will use it and how it makes things easier and this can help you work out your budget. 

Cheap is not always good value and expensive because it is labelled for a boat not always worth it!

I first heard of stackable pans with removable handles when I was looking for galley equipment for our 30ft Halmatic where space was a premium.  I did my due diligence and spent hours researching online and looking around Chandler’s for the perfect solution to my problem.  I wanted the versatility to be able to cook all our favourite meals in a galley less than 1m2 (put it I n feet) and have the space to securely stow them away.

The idea of getting a set of stackable pans with removable handles was a no-brainer.  I was instantly sold on the idea when I found out that this set of pans could be used on the hob, in the oven and even in the fridge.

My set has 3 frying pans and 3 pots with one removable handle

A quality set can cost from 60 euros to 500  euros and I am sure you can find it even more expensive than that if I had looked harder!  Given our budget, at the time, I opted for the lower end of the scale and got myself a well-known brand which had 3 pans 18cm 20cm 22 cm pans and 20cm, 22 cm and 24 cm frying pans the set came with kitchen sized utensils (fish slice, whisk, soup ladle etc,) and 3 plastic lids that create a hermetic seal which are perfect for storing in the fridge.

Choosing this set, gave me the ability to have all the pots and pans I needed to make all our favourite meals. 

They are a game changer in my galley and have revolutionised not just how I cook but what I cook and even how it tastes.  They were a smart addition to my 30ft boat and so useful that they came with us when we moved onto our bigger 41ft boat. 

Here are my 5 reasons why it is a smart move to invest in a set of stackable hands with removable handles for your galley.

1.Durable and long-lasting

Stackable pans are designed to be durable and long-lasting. Made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or non-stick coatings, they are built to withstand the demands of everyday cooking.

I am a Teflon or coated pan girl.  I have never been much of a fan of the stainless steel base, maybe because I find it less forgiving and flexible and more difficult to clean requiring more water, time and elbow grease!


Their nifty design with a removable and a single interchangeable handle is specific to being able to stack the pans. They are the Russian dolly of the galley, taking up very little space even in the smallest of galley´s.

I bought a multi/sized lid that can be used for all the pan sizes that I have. It means I only need storage space for one lid.

3.Designed for purpose

You can find round or square stackable pans with removable handles, which is important to ensure even spread of heat.

The pans fit neatly on the hob.

4.Keep you organised

As they stack, they help with being organised.  You know exactly where they are, given the space needed is the same as the largest pan they are easy to store and easy to find. 


I totally recommend getting a set of pans with sealable plastic lids. As this creates a hermetic seal for storage. You can store precooked or leftovers in the fridge simply by popping the lid on the pan.  Win win as it means you don´t have to wash the pan twice.

Plastic lid with hermetic seal means that I can store the food int he fridge.

They are compact and easily portable too and the sealed lids make them great for transporting your delicious meals to the beach or other friends' boats without getting seaspray in them!

They can be used as baking tins in the oven, and my largest frying pan (24cm) is perfect for cooking pizza. I just sprinkle some semolina flour in the pan, add homemade pizza dough, followed by my super easy and tasty tomato base sauce and then top as required. I find that these pans give a crispier base to any dough that I bake in the oven. This is especially helpful as most boat ovens are well known for their uneven temperature and unpredictable cooking times.  They seem to offer either undercooked or burnt to a cinder settings with rarely nothing in between. So, anything that makes cooking easier with such a temperamental galley equipment is truly a bonus.

You may have noticed that I do not mention any specific brands or provide links for purchases. This is a conscious decision to maintain Small Vegan Kitchen as an impartial and reliable source of information on all things related to plant/based provisioning without any biases. However, we are working on collaborating with brands that share our values and make a positive impact in the future.  We will fully disclose this with our community as and when it happens.

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