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The Trusty Spatula

This month´s Indispensable Galley Item is the trusty Spatula.  Bear with me on this one, I know it is not the essential piece of galley equipment that most boaters have on their shopping list when kitting out their Galley, but in this article, I share with you the fantastic advantages of one of my “must-have” pieces of galley equipment. Sometimes the simple affordable and easy-to-find items can be of more use than we think!

In the heart of my kitchen, there's a simple yet essential hero – the trusty spatula. Here's why this basic tool has become my kitchen sidekick and why I think it deserves a spot in yours too.

The spatula has been around for ages, from ancient Egypt to colonial America. The Romans even called it "Spatha." In Ancient China, a spatula-like tool made from bamboo became a regular cooking utensil alongside the wok.

Even National Geographic published an article on their website about my beloved galley sidekick. the Spatula,  Tools: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Spatulas, which talks about this cooking tool and its place through the ages.  Impressive I dare say.

Fish slice and spatula are they the same thing?

Well, Some people call it a fish slice.  I don´t. A spatula in my eyes is a flexible scraping tool more often than not made out of silicone.  Like in the picture above.

I use a silicone spatula because it can handle high temperatures, perfect for stirring hot sauces or flipping pancakes without melting or warping.

Is size important?

Yes and no.  There seems to be a standard spatula size which is xx cm or xx inches.  I also have a smaller “mini” version.  It is xx cm or xx inches and one and find it great for scraping out the last dredges from smaller jars of jam, peanut butter, etc or for cleaning the sides of smaller recipients before washing.

So here are five good reasons to have one (or as in my case 3!) in your galley:

1. Versatility:

This multitasking marvel goes from flipping pancakes to scraping bowls clean, and handling various tasks in my galley. It's great for spreading batter, layering frosting, or putting sauce on homemade pizza.

2. Gentle on Cookware:

Unlike metal utensils that can scratch delicate surfaces, a spatula's soft silicone or rubber edge is gentle on non-stick pans and bakeware, keeping them in good shape for longer.

3. Waste-Reducing Wonder:

The flexible design allows you to scrape every last bit of batter, sauce, or dressing from bowls, reducing food wastage and promoting an eco-friendly approach in the kitchen.

4. Water-Reducing Winner:

I use the spatula to get food scraps off plates, pots, and pans, minimizing the water needed for washing up.

5. Flexible and Sturdy:

Silicone spatulas strike a balance between flexibility and sturdiness. They manoeuvre easily around curves and edges while handling heavier ingredients or dense mixtures. I use it for mixing batter, folding in ingredients, and bringing dough together.

As a reliable tool that stands the test of time and makes your cooking life a bit easier, I am sure you will now look at this humble piece of kitchen equipment in a different light.  If you don´t yet have one, consider making the spatula a welcome addition to your galley. 

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The trusty silicone spatula is an absolute must have for any galley!!

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Team Spatula all the way!

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