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Galley Equipment - The Hand Held Blender

If you are accustomed to cooking aboard a boat you will be aware of the unique challenges it presents.  In a confined space with little storage and often not much workspace there is a fine art to preparing food.  It doesn’t always go as planned and when cooking on passage every single movement has to be timed with the sea state.  Inevitably there will be a roll, a wave or a gust of wind that will surprise you and whatever it was you were doing at the time will probably end up slipping and sliding and crashing to the floor.

It is not always that difficult thank goodness, but it is always more challenging than on land.

As a seasoned sailor and designated chef onboard Kahu, I've discovered that certain kitchen tools are absolutely essential for creating delicious meals in a confined space. Among these indispensable tools is the handheld blender.

In this article, I'll delve into why I consider a blender to be a must-have item on any yacht kitchen, exploring its versatility, efficiency, and practicality in enhancing my galley experiences at sea.

Join me as we uncover the reasons why a blender has become my trusted companion on the high seas.

A Great Addition to The Galley

A handheld blender, also known as an immersion blender, is a highly versatile and practical kitchen tool to have on a yacht for several reasons.  If you have the space and electrical output for a highspeed blender jug and food processor then we recommend you get one.  Don´t worry If you have no electricity onboard, we used to be in that situation and found a USB charging blender (you can also get 12-volt charging ones too!) and a hand-operated food processor which worked fine.  We find the hand-held blender or immersion blender is a great comprise for those short on space and who are looking to make those recipes requiring a blender or food processor.



Compact and Space-Saving

Boats, especially monohulls often have limited kitchen space, making compact appliances essential. A handheld blender takes up minimal space and can be easily stored in a drawer or cupboard.  We keep ours in a small drawer under the chart table for easy access as we find we use it almost every day for our morning protein-packed smoothies or a quick pesto for a delicious and simple pasta dish.


Unlike traditional countertop blenders, a handheld blender is portable and can be used directly in pots, jugs, or bowls without the need to transfer ingredients.  This is a big plus for us on he boat as we have limited countertop space. Using this type of blender means less dishes to wash which is always a plus and a good enough reason for us to prefer the handheld version. 

Easy Cleanup

As we have just mentioned anything that uses less water is a a big plus for living on a boat.  Cleaning a handheld blender is straightforward. If you don´t have a water-maker onboard and are rarely in or near marinas then using the hand-held blender saves you both water and dishes to wash which our resident dishwasher and Captain Conrad is very happy about!

Most models have detachable components that can be quickly rinsed under running water and dry quickly ready for stowing away.




Handheld blenders can perform various tasks, including blending, pureeing, and emulsifying.  I also use it on a lower setting to chop and use short bursts so whatever I am chopping doesn´t end up in a mush.

I use mine to make soups, smoothies, sauces, and dressings, and find it allows me to broaden my recipe repertoire.


Efficiency and Convenience

When cooking on a yacht, efficiency is key. A handheld blender allows for quick and efficient blending without the need for larger appliances, reducing preparation time and effort. That means we get to eat delicious food and also have time to dive off the deck and enjoy a swim with the rest of the happy crew!


I never use my handheld blender when in rough weather.  When I am in the galley at sea, I always tell Conrad I am using it and to warn me of any oncoming rolls, waves or gusts of winds.  I never use it for any length of time and always detach the blade section as soon as I finish.

Overall, the handheld blender is a game-changer for expanding your recipe options aboard a boat.

Its compact design, portability, and versatility make it an indispensable tool in the galley. From effortlessly blending soups to whipping up smoothies and sauces, and chopping nuts for my bliss balls, the handheld blender is an enabler for this kind of meal preparation.  Its big advantage is that it is space and resource-saving.

However, safety remains paramount, especially in rough weather conditions.

If you are looking to buy one we suggest getting a reputable brand and a quality so it lasts you well.

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